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Edward H. Bohlin Cowboy Equipment Saddle Cat. Reprint

This is a professional reprint of the 1927 Edward H. Bohlin Cowboy Equipment Saddle Catalog. It has 80 pages full of saddles , bits, spurs , buckles , bridles , cuffs , saddle blankets , holster , scabard , cartridge belt , stirrups and many conchos. This book includes photos of the Buck Jones saddle, the first silver parade saddle Bohlin made. Also pictured is William S. Hart who purchased two guns elaborately inlaid with gold and silver from Bohlin. Here is some history of Edward Bohlin from our book; Old cowboy Saddles and Spurs, Identifying the Craftsmen Who Made Them. "Edward H. Bohlin was born in Sweden in 1895 and came to America before WWI. He was a working cowboy in Montana and Wyoming. One of the ranches that he worked on was owned by the famous Buffalo Bill Cody. While in between jobs he opened his first leather shop in Cody, WY. He later opened a leather shop in Hollywood, California. Around 1923 he expanded his business to include saddle, spurs and fast draw holsters. Bohlin was known as the saddle maker to the stars. Tom Mix and Gene Autry were among his friends and customers. Bohlin died in 1980." The Bohlin Co. is in business today in one form or another. Shipping in the USA is included.

Price: $35.00