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High Quality Saddles by Dan High

We were traveling through Richfield, Utah on January 11, 2008 where we discovered Dan High building saddles. Here is a description of what Dan does and information about his father, Ross Christensen who is a well known saddle maker. Dan High Raised in Monroe, Utah, Dan began making saddles at a young age. Since childhood, he has been schooled by his father, well-known saddlemaker Ross Christensen, in crafting durable, comfortable saddles out of only the best leather. Dan also creates one-of-a-kind tack and has extensive skill in saddle and tack repair. He worked for Las Vegas Paving for 8 years while building saddles on the side, but as of December 2007, he took on saddle-making full-time. He and his wife, Ashley, opened their first store, High Quality Saddles, on December 15, 2007, where Dan builds hand-made, custom saddles and tack on-site. He builds excellent-quality custom chaps, gun scabbards, breast collars, saddlebags, pouches, and just about anything else needed out of leather. From show to roping saddles, he makes any style of saddle needed by his customers, with any tooling and silver, at very reasonable and competative prices. Dan has extensive knowledge in saddles and saddle repair, as well as horses and horse training in general, as he was pretty much raised on top of a horse! Ross Christensen Born and raised in Redmond, Utah, Ross Christensen has been a saddlemaker since the 1980's. He grew up around horses and draft teams all his life. Following service in the military, Ross repaired saddles for Burns Saddlery for more than 20 years. He took all the problems he found in the many repairs he did, taught himself to make top-quality saddles, and struck out on his own to make hand-made, custom saddles full-time. Ross started his business, Christensen Saddlery, from home in Monroe, Utah, where he currently resides with his wife Debbie. His saddles were (and are) so well-loved that though he never advertised at all, he sold saddles throughout the country, just through word-of-mouth. He also taught his son, Dan High, how to build his fantastic saddles since Dan was a little boy. Dan bought his father's business, renamed it "High Quality Saddles", and now builds hand-made, custom saddles full-time. Ross continues to school his son in saddlemaking, and is called on often for advise and pointers. ********************Contact Dan High at High Quality Saddles, 17 East 100 South, Richfield, UT 84701 Phone 435-979-3445