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Ore Cart, Mining Ore Car, Mine Miner Gold Sliver

Ore Cart, Mining Ore Car, Mine, Miner for Gold ore Silver. For mining hard rock or hardrock. This is a bigger size and very heavy Card Brand ore car made in Denver, Colorado. It was used in the Victor and Cripple Creek gold mining districts. I would guess that this weighs 1500 pounds. I have sold several others in the 700 pound range and think this is so much heavier it must be 3/4 of a ton empty. The ore car is approximately 45 1/2 inches tall, the box is 32 inches wide and 66 inches long. There are some rust holes near the bottom of the box on the sides but the metal of the box is so thick that the box is not fragile in any way. The iron straps on the outside of the thick sheet metal box are 1/2 inch thick and 2 inches wide. This one does not swivel or side dump. It must have been lifted from the end to dump.