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Bits and Spurs In The Vaquero Tradition

Bits and Spurs In The Vaquero Tradition pocket guide measures 3 3/4 x 7 1/2 inches and has 263 pages. There are over 650 photos and 100 makers listed. This is a handy, portable book that you can take along with you. Price includes S+H in the USA. Some of the makers covered are Forest Armstrong, Gary Avila, Joseph Baldwin, Alexander Barclay, Dave Barrett, Jose Jesus Bernal (J. J. Bernal), Adolph Biancani, Edward H. Bohlin, August Buermann, Jim Cathcart, Coard Brothers, Cal Collins, Robert W. DeMoss, A. W. Dewing, Diablo Manufacturing Inc., Sam Duckworth, Juan Francisco " J. F. " Echavarria, El Gato, Albert Espinosa, J. J. Estrada, John Estrada, Leonard Faupel, Wesley Faupel, Field Family, Jose Figueroa, Carlos Figueroa, Dick Fleming, Juan Flores, John Fox, G. S. Garcia, Les and Henry Garcia, Manuel Gil, Gus Goldberg, Ralph Graham, Eduardo Grijalva, Raphael Gutierrez, Gutierrez - Estrada, Bob Hall, Hamley and Company, Art Harvey, Hernandez, Alsalio Herrera, Tom Hildreth, Larry Hoback, Eddy Hulbert, Abbie Hunt, Chuck Irwin, Keystone Brothers, Ed Klapmeier, Dave Klesper, Joseph R. Lamdin, Atanasion Larios, George Lawrence Co., Ernest Logan, Main and Winchester, Harry Malone, Jose De Jesus Mardueno, Vicente Mardueno, Granny Martin, Charles Franklin Mayfield, H. Messing and Sons, Elmer Miller, Miller & Tietjen, Mike Morales, Bud Morris, Jack Morris, J. B. Mull, Dave Murray, Clarence Nelson and Company, North and Judd, Nolte Olsen Saddle Shop, Olsen Nolte Saddlery, Frank Olzer, Wilmer F. Pabst, Kurt Pfeiffer, Phillips and Gutierrez, Batista Pini, Harry H. Pollard, Romie Pomi, Nels and Tom Qualey, Ken Ramoni, Stan Ruano, Charlie Sample, Richard "Ole" Sandberg, Robert Schaezlein, Alfred J. Schell, Rex Schnitger, Scott Silver, M. B. Staunton, Goldberg Staunton, F. M. Stern, L. D. Stone Company, Jose Tapia, Jesus Tapia, Irl William Terry, Henry Dutch Thar, Al Tietjen, Raphael Villa, Visalia Stock Saddle Company, Norm Vogt, Jim Wermuth, Western Bit and Spur and Wes Wimmer.

Price: $49.95