Ruxton's Trading Post

Ruxton's Trading Post is located in an historic building that straddles Ruxton Creek. Ruxton Creek served as a landmark and route for Native Americans and early 19th century explorers.  One of those explorers was Frederick Ruxton and it seemed appropriate that we name our store after him.

Ruxton Avenue is the route to the Cog Railway Station and the Barr Trail Trailhead. Ride the Cog Railway to the summit of Pikes Peak or test your stamina on Barr Trail, a 13 mile climb to the summit.

Ruxton's Trading Post features Cowboy and Indian Antiques and Collectibles and Native American Art. Please browse our site or contact us with your wants.

Gretchen and Mike Graham, Proprietors

Frontier Classics and Old Western

Reno Vest
Price: $55.00
Old West Vest
Price: $57.00
Gunfighter Coat
Price: $92.00
Gunfighter Vest
Price: $57.00
Gunfighter Pants
Price: $50.00
Longview Shirt
Price: $52.00
Hombre Shirt
Price: $47.00
Jasper Shirt
Price: $47.00
Gambler Shirt
Price: $52.00

Ruxton's Trading Post

22 Ruxton Avenue
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
(719) 685-9024